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The company


   Welcome to  Valencia Explorers,

Thank you for having a look at our website and hopefully you are or you will be having a great time in Valencia city.

Our tours aim to provide you  quality  time in those areas of our city which are not of easy access or knowledge for the occasional traveller.


– Small groups: we offer a truly personalised service.

–  Multilingual official Spanish guides with local insider knowledge. They will probably also know why there is a demonstration in the city center, all the latest gossip and news or give you advice on where to find the best tapas joints in town!

– Our excursions are lots of fun, but also of high educative value. We have an educational and environmental background. We care about our region and we welcome you to be part of it.

– Quality customer attention is of utmost importance for us.  We crave a well earned smile on your face at the end of the day. “Can we stay an extra 10 minutes at this fabulous spot? – Sure, let´s make it 20!”

–  Professionalism and safety: our company complies with all legal and safety requirements for the activities we carry out.

So come along with us and join in the fun!