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Albufera Nature Reserve Excursion


Visit the largest natural lake in Spain. Learn how rice grows in situ, take a boat ride and see where migratory birds stop on their way from Europe to Africa.


  • Pick up and transport. 

  • See one of the Albufera lake  ports and its  homemade boats made by the local fishermen and farmers.

  • Learn about “Tancats”:  an ingenious contraption designed to control the water level of the rice fields

  • Enjoy a BOAT TRIP. 

  • Learn about the local lake inhabitants, their thousand-year customs and their characteristic houses “barracas”.

  • See migratory birds using the Albufera wetlands as a stopover point on their way to Africa.

As an extra, if time allows, we will usually propose you one of the following:

  • Visit to the Saler beaches

  • A scenic sunset to remember at a popular local spot


Age-appropriate activity: ≥ children with height above 135 cm. ( For the moment there are no baby/children  car- seats available). 

Distance: 15 km,  about 20 min driving. 

Available: all year round upon availabilty (please contact us beforehand). 

Duration of the excursion:  3,5  hours

Starting time: 9:30 or  16:30  (Starting times might change over the season). 


  • 39€ per person.

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